The Stage Nature Center Is All A Buzz!   


(Troy, MI) – June 21, 2013 - The Troy Nature Society just received a new addition to the Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center – honey bees!  The “queen” and her attendants arrived with little fanfare. (They didn’t want any visitors, at least not right away).   They are now settled in and the public is invited to come and see the bees for themselves.  They are contained in an “observation bee hive” that is equipped with glass on both sides so that the queen and all activities of the bees may be observed at all times.   Honey bees are truly amazing creatures to watch, and an observation hive allows you to see day-to-day activities within the hive without disrupting or irritating the bees. 


The benefits of an observation hive are visitors can:


-- Study honey bee colony structure and organization,

-- See workers, drones and the queen bee as they work within the hive,

-- Follow the development of honey bee larvae,

-- Watch comb building, honey production and storage,

-- Observe has they communication through their bee dances.


Honey bees are one of the most important pollinators for our modern food system (and a great source of, yes -- honey).   The observation bee hive allows the honey bees to exit and enter the hive from the outdoors through a small shoot connected to the hive.  When honey-producing bees become domesticated, they are kept in manmade honey bee hives.  Honey bees use this area for raising their eggs, larvae and pupae, storing honey for the next winter and protecting themselves from predators or honey thieves. 


Visitors to the Stage Nature Center can view the observation bee hive until late fall while flowers are still available to them.  After that time, the hive will be moved to a larger “super holding box’ where the bees will receive supplemental feeding during the winter.  The observation hive is expected to return next spring to the nature center.


The queen and her attendants were a donation from beekeeper Dennis Holly of Hollysbees.com located in Oakland County.


The exhibition hall of Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center is open to the public Tuesday through Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. 


For more information on the Troy Nature Society and its educational programs or activities visit:  www.troynaturesociety.org/or call 248-688-9703.